Monday, February 28, 2011

Our little secret.

If you've visited the tour of our home then you may have noticed that we have a main floor, an upstairs, and a sunroom. What you don't know is that our home is actually a tri-level, or multi-level depending on who you ask. We've proudly shown off our remodeling work on the home, all the while hiding our basement from view. In all fairness, the basement was advertised as "finished" when we bought it because it boasted carpeting, linoleum, wood paneling, a built-in cupboard, and a fireplace. The problem is that this was all done in the 70's, and left out some important functional aspects. For example our "utility room" isn't a room at all - it's just open to the rest of the space. It's unsightly and dangerous when kids are around. Next, we noticed in visiting some of our neighbors' homes that an entire section of the open floor plan could easily be closed off, adding a fourth bedroom to our home.
With all of this, our desired updates, (good-bye paneling and fluorescent lighting!) and of course our budget in mind we set out to get bids on the work. The hubby will be doing the demolition and we found a great company to do the framing, drywall, and electric work. We have a painter and carpet company we've used in the past, so with any luck this project should before the snow melts!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Take Five Friday.

Kirsten, of Simply Grove
Kirsten is an interior decorator who began her blog with hopes of inspiring creativity in others. She writes columns for several online publications, and re-purposes furniture and accessories for a boutique in her home town.

Which design rules were made to be broken?

Some people are afraid of mixing patterns and textures. I say DO IT! (In good taste of course.) There is nothing more cozy and beautiful than a couch full of soft pillows with a collection of different patterns, all with a common theme - either color or style of patterns. Or a wall with beautiful wallpaper with curtain panels that are a different theme and pattern. Think outside of the box. It's the funnest way to decorate!
(kirsten's office)

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your own home, and why?

I found an acrylic folding chair at Marshall's a few months ago for $49. I hope to find 3 more to place around our table in our kitchen. I love the clean and simple feel. Elegant but very modern.
(kirsten's kitchen)

What has been your most successful DIY project?
When I walk into our all white room, I feel so proud of the work that was put into it. It previously was painted in a chocolate brown with normal tan carpet. We painted the walls and ceilings bright white (which took 4 coats), ripped the carpet out and laid down pine wood. We then painted the floors a bright white as well. I could literally spend HOURS in that room!

Least successful?
My husband says wallpaper because he hated every moment of it! I think it looks beautiful. (Thanks babe.)
(kirsten's bathroom)

Share some advice on building a successful design blog.
Be true to yourself! If you love modern spaces, specialize in modern spaces. If your eye tends to love more traditional design, educate yourself on what makes a beautiful traditional space. If you love DIY's, post about your personal DIY's. Whatever it is, do it well and do it with your whole heart. Readers recognize half hearts and they will only stay around for a bit. Readers also love consistency.
(kirsten's master bedroom)

Thank you Kirsten for sharing your home and your advice with us today. One of the things I love most about Kirsten's style is the consistency in color and design throughout her home. Make sure to check out her blog for more of her home, work, and inspiration.

The cure for cold floors.

I was searching through rugs at Overstock yesterday for a little project I have in the works. I came across a couple that won't work for me, but are so incredible that I had to share them with someone.

Medallion Wool Rug
This one looks so much like a Madeline Weinrib I can't believe it. Plus the reviews on this rug were amazing. It comes in several sizes but the 5x8' is $217.

This rug reminds of me of something I'd find at Anthropologie for much, much more. The colors are so fun and the print is very vintage in style. The 5x8' is only $133.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm back.

Several of you have been kind enough to ask me where I've been these past few weeks. The answer? My blog was temporarily taken offline and after filing an appeal to Google it has been restored. Long story short - I'm back.
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