Thursday, March 31, 2011

One week countdown.

Last week we were stood up by two different painters, left a message that went unreturned with a third, and hired a fourth to start this coming weekend. Wish us luck that this one goes through, because if it does all will be complete with our basement in one week! Here are the last photos before we show off the completed room.
First up, the new utility room. Doesn't look like much from the outside, which is exactly what makes it so wonderful. No more exposed water heaters or furnaces.
It's so difficult to take pictures inside the new office, but it's a pretty decent sized room with a nice closet.
Back out in the family room you can see that our cabinets and shelves are in place and ready to spray white. Once the paint is finished we'll install a wood countertop. Speaking of paint, here are the swatches up on the wall and fireplace...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Basement progress.

As of last week the sheetrock and doors are up, and the drywall is being mudded. Our painter is scheduled to come at the end of this week! Here are some progress pictures.
This is the view from the bottom of the stairs into the new hallway. On the left is the utility room, straight ahead is the office, and to the right is the family room.
Looking across the family room you can see the office in the back corner.
Standing on the other side of the family room you can see a closet. Next to it will be the new cabinets and bookshelves.

Friday, March 18, 2011

IKEA Hack.

(our mid century)

A friend sent me the link to this amazing IKEA hack yesterday from the blog Our Mid Century. I was so impressed that I had to share it. The Karlstad sofa is one of IKEA's most popular designs, but you often hear people lamenting the leg and slipcover options. This couple took matters into their own hands with amazing results.

(our mid century)

(our mid century)

Their couch looks just like Crate and Barrel's Petrie Sofa to me, and the hack was made for half the price. And just in case you're not into the white sofa look, they recently had a new slipcover made for their frame.

(our mid century)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Selling my tole.

I have a vintage metal Italian style tole chandelier adorned with flowers for sale. I purchased it from eBay for a project that it just won't work for. It measures 23" high and 14" wide. It is hardwired for ceiling installation, and only requires a chain and ceiling canopy. It is in working condition. For more information please contact me at Salt Lake City area locals only, please.

P.S. Please excuse the unmade bed in the background of the photo. How embarrassing.

Demolition derby.

As work begins today on our new basement, I thought I'd show some photos of the blank slate. The hubby and his kind friend tore out paneling, carpeting, cupboards, and anything else they could get out of the way for the work to begin. We discovered at least for different types of flooring had been installed over the years, and that the built-in cupboards had been painted at least three colors.
Here is the future family room. Since the fireplace is not original to the house (it was an early 1980's addition), it is not real stone and we will be spraying the entire surface.
It will look something like this photo, although a dark slate gray rather than white since it is a real wood-burning fireplace with smoke and ash residue. The walls and carpet will be light colors.
This is our future home office. It will extend from the exterior walls to the beam. The closet will be in the back left corner, actually using some of the space currently hidden behind the utilities rather than taking up space in the room.
And finally here is the future utility room. There literally use to be a tiki-style grass blind that would drop down to cover the mess. I'm looking forward to a wall and door instead.
All in all there is a lot to be done, but it will truly be worth it. We are so excited to extend the living space in our home.
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