Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Demolition derby.

As work begins today on our new basement, I thought I'd show some photos of the blank slate. The hubby and his kind friend tore out paneling, carpeting, cupboards, and anything else they could get out of the way for the work to begin. We discovered at least for different types of flooring had been installed over the years, and that the built-in cupboards had been painted at least three colors.
Here is the future family room. Since the fireplace is not original to the house (it was an early 1980's addition), it is not real stone and we will be spraying the entire surface.
It will look something like this photo, although a dark slate gray rather than white since it is a real wood-burning fireplace with smoke and ash residue. The walls and carpet will be light colors.
This is our future home office. It will extend from the exterior walls to the beam. The closet will be in the back left corner, actually using some of the space currently hidden behind the utilities rather than taking up space in the room.
And finally here is the future utility room. There literally use to be a tiki-style grass blind that would drop down to cover the mess. I'm looking forward to a wall and door instead.
All in all there is a lot to be done, but it will truly be worth it. We are so excited to extend the living space in our home.


heather said...

cool! i love remodels. i can't wait to see the end result. you'll have to tell me who you used because we would love to finish our basement eventually. good luck- hope it all goes well.

Rach said...

oooh. nice work hubby and friend.

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