Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reader DIY Project.

Today's project is courtesy of my closest friend. Rachel and her husband are much more brave than I when it comes to DIY projects around their new home. Having never sewn before, she whipped up these two beautiful pillows for her living room. Of course I asked her if we could share her work on Very Fine House, and she agreed. Here's the finished product:And of course the details:

Ever since B and I were little we have loved to shop together. It's kinda what we do. B loves a good deal, and over the years has taught me the art of sale shopping - most recently the sale section of Anthropologie. I have been very successful in my last few stops in and B has invited me to share my latest find/DIY project from the Anthro sale section.
I found these cute Anthro napkins on sale for $3.49 each (tea towels or placemats would work as well). I really loved the design and colors of these napkins, and thought they would make perfect pillows for my living room. I bought four napkins and then stopped by Ikea on my way home to buy two 20" x 20" FJÄDRAR insert pillows, each for $6.99. Ikea has cheaper pillow inserts for $2.99 but I prefer the FJÄDRAR insert due to the waterfowl feathers they use inside. The Anthro napkins were exactly 20" x 20". Perfect. No cutting involved. I simply sewed two napkins together, stuffed the insert inside and ta dah!....Cheap Anthro Pillows.

For those of you doing the math, the total for each pillow came to $13.97 before tax. That's some impressive savings, considering pillows at Anthropologie will run you $78+. Here's one last photo to take us out:
By the way, the custom bookshelves the pillows are sitting on in this photo were designed by Rachel and her husband, then built by a man they found on Craigslist. For a TOTAL of $300. That's parts and labor people. A-ma-zing.


jandjhome said...

I love these pillows. I just found your blog and I love what you are doing with your house. I can't wait to see more.

The Zhush said...

WOW! You are so talented!!!

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