Monday, June 28, 2010

The cover-up.

My husband and I have been trying to choose a style of window covering for our two kitchen windows. The windows face out into our backyard which is relatively private. We've narrowed it down to roman blinds...

(tonic living)
...or cafe-style plantation shutters.
Both options are custom, which means they come with a higher price tag and no room for changing our minds. I'd love to hear your opinions!


Rach said...

shutters mostly because if the not changing of your minds. I think the chance of getting bored/tired is higher with the Roman ones. You wont get tired of the shutters. Plus i love plantation shutters.

Emma Reddington said...

Personally, I would go with the roman shades. What a great opportunity to add some colour and pattern. Just choose something classic that will work for years.

(BTW-is it possible to change your comment options so that I can post with a name/url. At the moment, I can't. I have to use my google account which links to my old blog!! thanks - emma from the marion house book)

B said...


When you leave a comment choose the "name/url" option underneath "choose an identity". Your comment will show your name as a link to your (new) blog. Make sure you're signed out of your e-mail account when you do this. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion - love your blog!


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