Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid-century modern.

Our painters finished the exterior of our home last weekend, and we got all of the details in place these last couple days. Here is our 1958 multi-level home before:
and after:
Our goal was to bring the home back to its mid-century clean-lined roots, while modernizing its look. We replaced the front door, lights, house numbers, and doorbell. We chose the paint color for its blue undertones which complimented our orangish brick better than pure gray. *As a side note, I was so anxious to get this picture up that our home is still under morning shade. I'll try to get a new picture this afternoon and update it.

Here are the details:

paint: "Lava Gray" by Olympic @ Lowes
lights: CSN Lighting
house numbers: Chiasso
doorbell: Chiasso


Rach said...

looks amazing! I love the color. It was so cool to see it in person. What a difference....and oh those house numbers!

Cardon + Kelly Webb said...

love it.

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