Monday, June 20, 2011

A new addition.

Now that the basement is complete and the office has moved to its new home, it is time to begin work on the third bedroom. This project is a very exciting one for us, as we have been converting the room into a nursery! Normally the way the hubby and I decorate is to use what we already have first, then fill in with things we find along the way. That way we end up with a room full of things we love that have been collected over time. The nursery proved more challenging because we had to start from scratch. I had a million ideas running around in my mind, but for me it was totally overwhelming to try and design a room from the ground up. The plan was for the room to have a "vintage modern" aesthetic, and for the walls to remain gray with white furniture. The room started to come together after we found this beautiful rug:
I'll share the rest of the plan and progress with you next week!


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