Friday, June 24, 2011

Take Five Friday.

It's been a long time coming, but today I have another amazing blogger to interview in my "Take Five Friday" feature. You can catch up with past interviews here.

Joi, of Nuestra Vida Dolce

Joi started her blog as a space to keep decor inspiration and update family and friends. She has some super creative ideas, and together with the help of her husband David they complete some pretty amazing transformations. She also does this great feature called "What's Good in Your 'Hood" where she scours Craigslist and finds awesome furniture and decor in your town.

What advice can you give readers on getting started when decorating a new home?
Take your time. It is so tempting to "finish" a room that many people often buy things they don't love just to have a room "complete". I think the more a person shops around and figures out their true style, they will be happier in the long run.
(joi's living room)

Who is your favorite interior designer?
At the moment, it is Emily Henderson from HGTV's Secrets From a Stylist. I can totally relate to her vintage-modern eclecticism and I feel like what she creates is so fun and livable.

What are your favorite online resources for all things home-related?

I love good design that is also affordable. My quick go-to stores are,,,, and
(joi's master bedroom)

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your own home, and why?
Our dining room table. I envisioned what I wanted and my father-in-law built it. It is very sentimental to me.
(joi's kitchen)

What has been your most successful DIY project?
My favorite project was painting the kitchen cabinets white! It was one of the first things we did and we were so proud of ourselves!

Thanks to Joi for taking five out of your busy schedule to participate in this feature. I love her colorful and creative home!


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