Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to make a doily mobile.

One of the projects I took on for our nursery was a mobile to hang over the crib. By the time I got to this project the budget for the room was used up, so I wanted to make something on the cheap. After searching the internet for inspiration, I decided to combine several ideas and make something out of paper doilies. Here is my how-to:
1. Gather your supplies.
-paper doilies
-rubber gloves
-food coloring
-cooking sheet with rim
-wax paper
-paper towels
-rubber cement
-ribbon (two widths)
-embroidery hoop
-craft glue

2. Fill the pan with enough water to cover the doily only. Add about 20 drops of food coloring. I decided to make colors that would match the rug in the nursery.

3. Submerge each doily for about 30 seconds. You will need four doilies of each color that you choose.

4. Gently remove the doily. They are very fragile and can tear easily when wet. Lay out to dry, blot immediately with a paper towel. Dry overnight.
5. Fold each doily in half, making sure to match the pattern around the edge. Glue two halves together with rubber cement.
6. Lay out your glued doilies and cut a thin piece of ribbon to hang each from the embroidery hoop. Stagger the lengths or your doilies will bump into each other.
7. Glue on the other set of folded doilies to its matching color, making sure to glue the thin piece of ribbon in the middle.
8. Wrap three pieces of wide ribbon (evenly spaced) around your embroidery hoop. Secure using craft glue. Tie in a knot to hang your mobile from the ceiling.
9. Secure each doily ball to the hoop in the same fashion. Ta-da! Your mobile is complete.

Total cost for this project was $13, and I was left with half a package of doilies when I was done.


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