Friday, November 25, 2011

Seven dollar art.

I love the look of art mounted on the outside of a bookcase.
I wanted to create this look on the shelving unit in my daughter's nursery. I found this molded plastic frame at an estate sale for $2 (half off day!) but as soon as I brought it home I knew the gold wasn't going to work for me. The flower print had to go as well.
I picked up a print from thelittletiny at the Bijou Market last weekend for $5. It was originally 8x10", but the writing portion fit perfectly into my roughly 5x7" frame. I love the sentiment of the print.

To paint the frame I had to first tear off the paper backing. I don't know how old it is but there was a $25 price sticker from JCPenney on the back. Pricey, right? Once I removed the old art I could use it as a pattern to cut my new print.

With the print removed I popped out the glass and painted the frame with a bottle of acrylic paint I already had on hand. It took three coats to cover evenly. Then I cleaned and replaced the glass, put in my new print, replaced the backing and voila. Seven dollar art.
To mount the frame on my bookcase I used Command picture hanging strips. I was concerned about how to hang the art since my infant will soon be a toddler and I wanted it to last (and not fall on her head). I've heard great reviews of this product, so I gave it a go and I cannot believe how sturdy the frame is with these strips. They are like a stronger form of velcro, and they are suppose to remove cleanly from both surfaces. Who knows how well they will work on IKEA veneer, but it was worth a try. Here's one more shot for perspective:I love how it turned out. It has been three days now and the frame and strips have not budged a bit.


Naomi said...

Cute idea, I like that you used a quote instead of a picture. I may have to pin this.

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