Monday, October 18, 2010

Dreaming of a pretty potty.

I recently finished painting my master bathroom. I went with the same color as the bedroom to give it more of a suite feeling. It perked up the "purchased to sell" bathroom tiles a little, but mostly it left me dreaming of a totally new bathroom. I gathered these images to file away as inspiration for someday.

I would love a bathroom sink (or two) with exposed pipes.

Some marble here, some marble there.

In the dreamiest of worlds we'd have a vintage tub.

Some incredible lighting and mirrors.

And I love the look of wallpaper in such a tight space.

Here's what I'm taking away from these images today:

1. Apparently I really like black toilet seats (as in 3 of the 5 images even showing a toilet above). I found an inexpensive one that should fit the toilet in our guest bath and ordered it.

2. We need better lighting and mirrors in our bathrooms. Our sconces and medicine cabinets are cheap, and it shows.

3. I'm a sucker for marble and brass. There's nothing I can actually do about that one today except file it away in my brain for the future. Maybe I'll drive up to Idaho and buy a lottery ticket.


Brandi said...

We're remodeling our bath right now after 18 months of using the hall bath due to some much needed repairs. I'm in love with all these!

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