Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tour update.

I spent a little time this weekend updating the photos of our home on my tour page. Click the tour link at the top of any page to check out new pictures of our living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath. I'm no photographer, so most of my pictures are grainy, but you'll get the idea. Obviously our home is far from completely decorated or remodeled, but the main purpose of this blog is to show our progress in real-time. I try to update the photos when we complete new projects, so check back from time to time to see what we've been working on.


Shannon said...

love the office rug....i came close to buying it for my office soooo many times! your entire home is lovely!

B said...


We've been so pleased with the rug, and the color scheme was perfect for our office. Thank you for your kind comments!


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