Sunday, May 1, 2011

Calypso for Target.

I have yet to mention my love for Target's designer collaborations on this blog. Like every other suburbanite woman in the country Target is my go-to resource for all things home related. Last year when they released the Liberty line it was a good day, and I continue to find awesome products from their line with DwellStudio. So today being the release of their newest "lifestyle" collaborative with the company Calypso St. Barth I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things from the line.
I do love a pretty scented candle that also adds to the decor of a room.
We own a vintage pouf that is often a conversation piece in our home. And we love it. Do I need more than one? Does anyone?
Someone reading this with a toddler needs to go buy her a tunic ASAP. But I digress...
This elephant teapot would be such a quirky addition to someone's kitchen. Just not mine, because I really have no more spare space on my counters.


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