Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunroom inspiration.

This past weekend we walked into our local Restoration Hardware store to see what's new. We loved the wall treatment the brand is using for their summer display.
After inspecting it closer we found out that the greenery is faux boxwood mats. They are simply zip-tied together on the back side, and then staple gunned to the wall. The hubby and I were simply inspired. We would love to add this treatment to our sunroom, but hit a snag when we realized the most inexpensive mats we can find are $16 per square foot. Yikes!


Leif Clancy said...

Yeah, those mats are quite expensive. How about looking for a cheaper mat that may produce the same green wall effect once painted? You can even make this wall treatment as a DIY project! I’ve seen your sunroom in some of your posts and doing your own project would totally look great in it. =)

Leif Clancy

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