Monday, May 9, 2011

Storage for the EXPEDIT.

Is anyone else fed up with the over-priced storage options IKEA sells for their line of EXPEDIT bookshelves? They start at $13, and yes they fit perfectly but they are poorly made and lack any style. I went on an internet hunt searching out other options, so I hope someone else will benefit from my hard work. Here are my top finds:


Love the look of wire locker baskets. You can buy them vintage on etsy for around $20 each, or new from this site for $13 each. Plus after doing a quick search for company coupon codes I found one for 10% off and another for free shipping.

These Target baskets come in a set of three for $43. I'd love to have a new liner made in a cute fabric or with a ruffled edge like these from Restoration Hardware.

Authentic dairy crates make a cute and sturdy option, especially in all of the fun colors at The Container Store. The reviews raved about their durability, and for $10 each you can't go wrong.

These fabric drawers from Home Depot are only $7 each, and come in about 15 different colors and patterns. The OCD in me loves the slot for writing what's in each basket.


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