Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting the look.

You may remember this living room from the most recent issue of Lonny Mag.
Well, over at Urban Outfitters you can purchase this chair in the same fabric as the drapes in that room. (The fabric is also available for $24/yard from Calico Corners.)
Also, for those of you in Utah, this pendant light is finally available at our IKEA store.
Finally, that rug is still available from World Market (as sourced in the article), but IKEA has their own cowhide rug for one whole dollar less.


Chic Geek said...

Absolutely adore this room! I posted on it too :)

my name is heather... said...

hey Brooke-
I am Mike's friend from high school. Congrats on getting your first house! That is exciting -and welcome back to Utah! Love the beams in your place. I have a question- did you two paint your kitchen cabinets? My husband and I just bought our first house, and we hate the light oak cabinets! Of course we can't afford to rip them out, so we're considering painting them - we love white cabinets but we're worried it will end up looking cheap - BUT if you tell me you two painted yours I might go for it, cause your cabinets look great. So I would be curious to know :0) Great find on the Eames chair BTW. You can comment me back at - thanks!

B said...


Thank you for your sweet comments. Congratulations on buying your home as well. We did paint our oak cabinets ourselves by removing the doors and drawers, then rolling on primer and paint. You can see the details in this post: Kitchen Cabinet Makeover. Good luck!


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