Monday, July 19, 2010

Paint color tips.

I received this special publication from House Beautiful a while back, and finally had a chance to read through it. The idea was to find paint colors that reflect your style, as well as get advice from big name interior designers. These were three of my favorite tips:

1. Find your color personality.
"I look at what a client is wearing and what's in his or her closet. Once I know what their color preferences are, I choose a complementary color. A great all-blue-and-white room will have a fillip of another color to set it off... Often the complementary color will be from the opposite spot on the color wheel." -Tom Scheerer

2.Neutral is beautiful.
"These are the colors most of us want to come home to... beautiful, interesting, yet still so easy to live with." -House Beautiful

3.Just say no (to accent walls).
"Painting one wall says 'I'm afraid of commitment,' not 'I love this color.'" -Nate Berkus


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