Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Includes a solarian sunroom.

When we first read the real estate flier on our home we had no clue what a "solarian sunroom" was. Turns out it was a carpeted glass box off our master bedroom that smelled awful. We've spent the past two months enjoying our mountain view through a closed sliding glass door. Last week the hubby tore out the carpet and pads revealing some water damage. Fortunately it was only in one spot, and since we were having the floors tiled (and a subfloor installed) we were able to get the spot patched the same day that the tile was laid. With the stinky carpet out of the way it's like we've added a whole new room to our home. Here are a few quick photos of the process.
The tile we used is the Armstrong vinyl commercial tile I mentioned in this post. We are hoping it will be the perfect workhorse for a room that gets direct sunlight, humidity, heat, and cold. We also replaced the cheap baseboards along the wall of the house with a thicker and taller version, and tore out the sun faded tiki blinds. Now that the flooring is complete we plan to buy plants and do a wall treatment to add some color to the room. We hope it will become an extension of our master bedroom - a place to read, relax, and enjoy our beautiful view.


my name is heather... said...

LOVE sunrooms. Pretty much fell in love with them after seeing what John and Sherry of Young House Love did to theirs. So I am totally jealous you two found a place with one! It's rad- and looking fabulous. Thanks for the link on your kitchen makeover- wow, what a difference some paint can make! Yay- I am feeling much better about my hideous kitchen cabinets. Did you two not bother sanding? The guy we spoke to at Home Depot said we would need to sand, paint, sand, paint.....you get the idea. Sounded like a lot of work- and while I want it to look good I want to be able to do this project in as little time as possible- it'll be hard enough to keep a two year old out of everything! Where is your house? I was thinking the other day that I hadn't seen Adam (you know him I assume...) and Mike in FOREVER. It would be fun to get together - we're in Layton, and I think Adam is in S. Ogden.

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