Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Resources for artwork.

A question the hubby and I are frequently asked is where we go to find artwork. We've used a multitude of resources, so I've gathered a few of my favorites to share with you.

#1 AllPosters.com
(new york times)
A search for vintage travel ads alone pulls up over 5,000 posters. Other great finds on this site include the classics (e.g. the Mona Lisa), and book cover illustrations. Prices average around $20 for 2'x3' posters.

#2 photos on canvas

Find a local photographer and ask him or her to blow up a favorite photograph in a "thick gallery wrap" style. You'll be amazed at how reasonable their prices can be, and your canvas will make a serious statement piece. You can find retailers that do this online, but you're likely to get a better deal locally.

#3 New York Public Library digital gallery
I first discovered this online gallery at Apartment Therapy. You can purchase prints from the site or you can copy the images you like and send them out to a printer yourself. If you're anything like me a search for botanicals, butterflies, or birds will you keep you busy for days.

#4 etsy art prints
I'm a big fan of digital art prints, but there are also wonderful watercolors and vintage pieces to be found here. You can search by color or topic if you're looking for something to match your decor.

#5 Amazon
A quick search on this site for coffee table books or a favorite artist will offer some wonderful options. We purchased the book above to make a series of bird prints for our old bedroom. The bonus is adding a new art book to your collection!

#6 UGallery
This site started as a place for college students and recent graduates to sell their art to people looking for reasonably priced, original pieces. They have since expanded to include all emerging artists. The site is easy to navigate and includes curated collections for various styles. Prices can vary from under $100 to $500 based on medium, size, and the artist.


Emily A. Clark said...

All great sources! I'm obsessed with searching through the NY Public Library file. Amazing what's out there for free.

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