Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lonny Mag: Issue 6.

The August/September issue of Lonny Mag was released today. Being that fall is my favorite season, I was excited to see what the first autumn issue had in store. What I found most inspiring this month were three homes with completely different aesthetics that each strongly reflect their owner.

"Stick by your own convictions. If you love something, stick by it and don't be afraid." -fabric designer Cath Kidston, referred to as the 'Queen of Florals'

"Space should always have a little bit of whimsy... a little touch of humor." -Ben Brougham, curator of Jonathan Adler's stores

"I never set out with the intention of making this ethnic, eclectic mix. It's simply a reflection of who I am." -interior designer Callie Jenschke


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