Friday, August 20, 2010

Take Five Friday.

It's time for another exciting Friday feature, and this time I'm interviewing a fellow Utahn. I knew I was going to love her blog when I saw that we had the same Imperial Trellis and Pottery Barn pillows on our sofas. I love her style! Our featured blogger this week is...

Kirsten, of 6th Street Design School
Kirsten is a wife and mother who recently earned her degree in Interior Design. She began her blog to share her style and document the things she loves.

What advice can you give readers on getting started when decorating a new home?
Find one or two things that you really love and start there. It could be a rug, a great lamp, a pillow or an amazing sofa. But you have to LOVE it. And don't be afraid to invest a lot of money in a good piece. It will completely lift your whole room.

(kirsten's master bedroom)

What design rules do you never break?
I personally get really annoyed by design rules. The only rule I follow is that if it looks good it works and if it doesn't look good then it doesn't work. I trust my own "eye" more than I care about rules. Most of my clients are always so hesitant about color, pattern, scale and proportion because they are scared of breaking the rules. This fear has created a lot of bland rooms. Just trust yourself and don't be scared. And if you really just don't have an "eye" for design then hire a designer!

Which rules were made to be broken?

Mix woods! Don't worry about having a light and dark wood in the same room. It doesn't all have to match. Mix up your furniture. Never buy everything from a set. Your end tables don't have to be identical to your coffee table. Your sofa and your love-seat do not have to be the same. Mixing things up makes your room exciting!
(kirsten's family room)

How do you draw inspiration for the rooms you design?
I get my inspiration mostly from blogging and other designers. Watching what other people have done opens my eyes to possibilities. I also love to visit high-end retail shops, hotels and restaurants.

(styling a photo shoot)

What are your favorite online resources for all things home-related?
I love Etsy. You can find one-of-a-kind treasures on there. L&S fabrics is a great place to find good fabric deals online. Overstock and CNS have great deals but you have to act fast before they're gone!

Share some advice on building a successful design blog.

I could give advice for days. I have a lot of people ask me for tips about starting up blogs and I always tell them the same thing. You have to be dedicated. It could be months before you get a lot of readers but don't give up. Having a successful design blog will not happen over night.
Networking is huge! Get to know other bloggers. Get the word out about your blog in any way you know how. Introduce yourself to your favorite bloggers and let them know you would love a mention on their blog. Get a good graphic designer to design your header and layout. It makes such a difference. It has to look good. Especially if your blog is design related. The last bit of advice I would give is to make your blog a blog that you would want to read. There are so many different angles you can take to blogging. Do what you like. Your blog is yours and should reflect you and your personal style. And you have to be passionate about it!

Thanks to Kirsten for taking five out of your busy summer to be with us today. To see more of her beautiful home, or to contact her for design services, head on over to her blog 6th Street Design School.


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

great interview! Kirsten has a great eye and style!

Milk and Honey Home said...

She has a fun blog, doesn't she? And a great, fun style. Nice interview....i learned something!

Lily said...

I really like your style and I am crazy about the pillows on your master bed! :)

Interior Ideas said...

Kristen has the gift of beautiful things. I'm a big fan!

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